Korina Jazzmaster - 5A Qillt Maple / Amber dye


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Here it is at last.

Completed as of yesterday.  I set out to built a guitar which sounded halfway between a strat and a les paul and it looks like I've come as close as I could get so frank success there.  It sounds right in the ballpark both plugged and unplugged - not too warm and not too bright - and holds its tune and sustains beautifully despite having a trem.  I'm even now starting to regret not getting a hard tail but I digress.  The whole point (excuse) of the exercise was to have a trem guitar that  could sit between my LP standard and my alder strat (warmoth of course).

5A quilt maple top with amber dye
One piece korina body - contoured neck joint
Canary neck with reverse CBS and kingswood fingerboard. (wolfgang profile)
Sperzel locking tuners - Until planet waves makes staggered height tuner posts I'm not going to even look at them.  Eliminating string trees is way more of a win than having an auto string cut function!  Would be even better if Warmoth sold them on the website!
dimarzio air classic in the neck and Evo 2 at the bridge.  I'm surprised by how well these work together as I initially had these as a temporary fill in for some bare knuckles. May have to rethink that and make them permanent.
Wilkinson trem
Fender LSR nut - went out on a limb there and feared the worse but the sound is not at all impacted by the nut.

Lessons learned:

The wolfgang neck is way bigger than I expected.  I had a 96 Les Paul Studio which I'm guessing had the 50s Gibson profile and this feels somewhat bigger.  Not disappointed but it will take some getting used to.  More wood = more tone so that's not all bad.  It's quite a jump to go back to my warmoth strat with standard thin profile (or LP with 60s neck) after playing this guitar.

As for the kingwood board that was another leap of faith.  Must say if I was doing it again I would go with rosewood instead.  I find the feel a little too smooth for my liking.  But nothing bad either.  The end result is that the guitar sounds perfect so on the basis that the fretboard makes a (minor) contribution to the ensemble I'll gladly live with that and learn to enjoy it in time.


I need a better vocabulary to express exactly how much I love this guitar. Fantastic job.
Never have been a fan of the Jazzmaster until I saw this one, absolutely gorgeous. Great build man.
dude, I absolutely love the breaking line from the amber quilt to the Korina! looks b-e-a-utiful!
Wow !
I normally don't like Jazzmasters, but I dig this one ! Outstanding !
Did you finish it yourself or was it done by warmoth ?

Great job by warmoth. Amber dye with clean line option and a clear gloss on the back. 
Very nice indeed, that kingwood board is just damn sweet. Kurt Cobain would be proud.... :toothy10:
DangerousR6 said:
Very nice indeed, that kingwood board is just damn sweet. Kurt Cobain would be proud.... :toothy10:

Not exactly Kurt's style.
dbw said:
DangerousR6 said:
Very nice indeed, that kingwood board is just damn sweet. Kurt Cobain would be proud.... :toothy10:

Not exactly Kurt's style.
He never played anything that nice, but he played Jag's and Mustang's most of the time......
That's a beautifull guitar, I have a strat that is the twin to yours,

How's that fat neck working? have you got used to it?  I am considering building my next guitar, and using all the tips and advice that the "tone mongers" suggest, and a fat neck is one of the items
Getting used to it.  It's still freaky to switch back to my strat with the standard thin neck.  Like I mentioned, I wasn't expecting the wolfgang to be quite as thick.  When all is said and done, I consider it  a good thing.  I wouldn't want all my guitars to feel the same.  I can't even begin to image what a boat neck is like.  The wood combo works great and I like to think that the extra neck wood is pitching in! 

Would love to see a picture of that strat!

Yeah, but I can't see Cobain with a quilt top.  They were all solid colors and a couple sunbursts.
Yep 5A quilt is definitely not down Cobain's avenue.  He was obviously more of a "throw a super distortion on a beat up stock Fender" kind of guy...

Ironically the guys at Mouradian Guitar Repair (in Mass) who put this one together for me have done some work for Cobain in the past.