Koa Hollowbody Tele - Lots of Pics and Advice Request (Warmoth forgot jack rout)


Just received my Hollowbody Tele and it's quite gorgeous. Came on time (ordered early September, arrived just before Thanksgiving) and everything looks great (pics below), but it turns out Warmoth forgot to install the jack route. I'd selected the 7/8" (22mm) Side Jack Hole, but as you seen in the pics, there's nothing there. Do y'all think that's the sort of hole I could drill myself? I'm moderately competent with a drill, though I don't have a drill press (I'd be eyeballing it). Really don't want to mess up the beautify body, but don't think I can stand to send it back and wait months more.

Also want opinions on pickup rings. Per pics below, preference for black, cream, or none (not sure I can wood mount on this - I didn't ask for that option - but it looks like there might be enough room).

Here are the specs: Mahogany hollow body with F-holes, unique choice figured koa top, cream binding and gloss finish. The neck is roasted flame maple with unique pan ferro board with Nightswan inlays. I did 5 light coats of Tru Oil and a very light coat of Gun Stock wax and it made the flames pop nicely.

Would love advice on the jack route issue and color scheme for pickup rings (I'm leaning black).

Thanks all!


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Beautiful !
I would reach out to Warmoth first before you attempt doing this on your own, I'm quite certain they can make this right.
The main risk doing it yourself is chipping the clear coat and doing a mess.
First I would double check that I ordered the side jack mounting.  Once I confirmed it wasn’t my error, I would ask Warmoth to pay shipping both ways and rush this through.  I don’t see why they couldn’t drill this and return it to you in one day.  I believe any good company that made a mistake like this should bend over backwards to make it right.  In my experience, Warmoth is a good company.  Give them the opportunity to fix it.

Bill, tgo
Thanks, all - I'll give them a call on Monday. It's definitely on my original order, but I had asked about confirming ability to do the Les Paul style upper-right toggle and they confirmed that they could and issued an amended order that I now see did *not* include the jack route, for some reason, and I didn't notice that omission (that was the only thing missing).

All in all though, it's just a gorgeous top. Very excited to get it all going. Dropping in some Dimarzio PAF 36 Anniversaries and a Free-Way 6 position toggle (for Series/parallel) and a push/pull for phase switching. The neck turned out fantastic as well. This is my second Warmoth build and certainly won't be my last.

Anyone have thoughts on the pickup rings? I'm leaning black.
As far as rings either cream or black. Either way I’d say say change the control knobs.  Amber with cream rings,  black with black rings.
Brief update: contacted Warmoth and they gave me return shipping label so it's gone back to them to drop in the jack route for free (of course). I'm told it may take a week before shipped back to me - I certainly hope that's true, as we all know the wait on new orders is a long one. It got there last week, they sent me an updated order/invoice (no cost) for the jack on Friday (12/10), but no shipment back this way as of yet. Would love to get the email by Friday, but we'll see.

Stoked to get the body finally built when it gets back. Think I'm deciding on black rings, by the way, but haven't decided on specific (but black) knobs yet. I love the Gibson black top hats, but one will be push/pull and my guess is those aren't exactly "grippy" enough to make that a good fit.
Good move in sending it back. That's not the kind of body that I'd want to eyeball with a hand-held drill.

I have a drill press and a collection of forstner bits. I'd still be nervous trying to punch a clean, after-the-fact hole in it without collateral damage.
Just FYI - Got the shipment notification today (woo!), so they were right with the 1 week estimate. Good customer service noted.
My (attached) Warmoth Tele Thinline welcomes yours to the family!


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Sorry to hear about your misfortune on this, but I'm sure W will make it right.

That is literally one of the most beautiful guitars I've ever seen.  Beautifully done.
Finished the build - pics over in the gallery here: https://www.unofficialwarmoth.com/index.php?topic=33866.0