koa finnishing questions


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hey i have a koa topped korina rear routed telecaster, i started to finish it in tung oil although i'm sure not pure tung oil. i looked great an brought out a lot of figure in the wood but still looked like a bare piece of wood.
i then finnished grain filled it w/clear and sprayed it in clear laquer. polish the heck out of it. it still looks great but the figure doesn't show as well.
should i leave it or sand it and start all over. if i do it over what can i do to enhance the figure as much as posible? can the oil be buffed to a mirror finish? and if so will it still show the figure? or is the wood texture part of why it came through so well before? would a black grain fill be better?
i only have brown and clear grain filler available, is there a way to dye it?

the largest problem about this is putting it down long enough to work on it. sounds way to good and sustains so long you'd swear i had a compressor hooked to it.