Kerry Livgren's Warmoth


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Principle writer and original guitarist for KANSAS, Kerry Livgren with his new Warmoth neck



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I talked to him on the phone a few times and placed his order. Super super nice guy. The first full length Kansas album I listened to was Song for America and it blew me away. I listened to it over and over again until I blew up the speakers on my cheap stereo with it. The songs he wrote like Carry On and Point of No Return were a blast to play in cover bands years ago.
cool! I have a few Kansas albums in my collection. What's the story behind him getting a Warmoth neck?

I found a vinyl Leftoverture at a record shop a couple years ago. Good way to spend 6 bucks.
Kerry had played on some Warmoth Necks before and decided that he was long overdue to get one built to his specs and called us up. So after talking on the phone we figured out what he was after and got one made for him. I should be receiving a full review from him soon and will post it when I get it.
Cool stuff. Kansas has some cool tunes. I've always wanted to find a keyboard player to jam out "Carry On".
Leftoverture was one of the first "tapes" I ever had.  Being from Kansas that band has always had a "special" place in my heart.