kent armstrong motherbucker


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hi guys,
i wonder, who has experience with the kent armstrong motherbucker? anything is welcome in this matter.
I got my motherbuckers today. I wired it so that I can choose the outer coils, or the total humbucker, or the hotrails in series (coils 1+2 in series, or 3+4 in series, or 1+2+3+4 in series, or just coil1, or coil2). for the neck I have just the upper closest neckcoil (number1) or number1+2 in series, or 1+2+3+4 in series.

the sound..

POWERFULL!!!!!!!!! great pinches, very fatty but not muddy (yet, haha). the singlecoils sound very singlecoil-ly! either very telecaster like (if I have the coil closest towards the bridge) or a bit more stratlike, if I have the coil towards the neck , or pure rock n roll les paul. Have to test it a bit more but it feels very okay. in a few days I will get my p-rails, and that will give me even more possibilities.