Keeper #2: My Sunburst Strat


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Backstory in this thread, this my only other strat-style guitar, the one I keep downstairs. I pick it up all the time, and when I'm not playing it, it brings me job just to look at it! Here are some specs, then pics.

Warmoth strat style
Chambered (birdseye maple on swamp ash)
Three-tone sunburst, gloss (Warmoth paint job)
Contoured heel (I shaped that myself, touched up the paint afterward)
Recessed Original Floyd Rose bridge
DiMarzio Injector pickup set

Modern construction
Flame maple (custom ordered, couldn't be happier with the pieces selected for the neck + fretboard, very high grade)
Scalloped by Warmoth
10"-16" compound radius
SS6100 frets (which I lovingly leveled, crowned, and polished)
TUSQ nut (I used a precut nut, but shaped + installed it myself)
Hipshot locking tuners
* I know the fake Fender decals are not cool with everyone, but for some reason I feel compelled to do that anyway

I love the look and feel of this one, and also appreciate the light weight at 7.05 lbs. I seem to recall it sounding good, but I haven't plugged it in for years. It resides in our living room with no amplification.