Keeley Electronics Burns Down


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I don't have any of his pedals, but man that sucks. 

That blows.  Sounds like they will recover though, so that's good.
That really does stink.  I am not to keen on their prices for things, but man they did inspire me to go out and play with the circuits that were already around.  Hate to hear things like this happening to guys that make good stuff.

Found this quote on another forum

Keeley here, we'll make it ;-)


Howdy folks!
Still in a bit of shock to say the least, but I think we will make it in short order. Everyone got out without being hurt. I got a chance to go in last night with a Fire Marshall/Brigade Commander (or something like that) and the worst damage occured to our parts inventory. I had some rare treasures there for sure (thousands of IC's for EM5 clones, the hundreds of last opto-couplers on earth for the Mutron III, Telefunken parts) but nothing that would stop the world from spinning.
The best news it seems is that insurance is paid up and is with a good company. The stock of built pedals, unmodified pedals, etc. all made it I think. (Dealers out there, your orders made it without even water damage! We may have to rebox.) I think all of the one-of-a-kind and collector stuff made it as well. Smoke damaged for sure, but not water damaged. I think the Fire Department responded as fast as possible and even impressed themselves. I heard them joking that they couldn't believe how much survived and how well they did! I can't believe that with the fire raging so long that we didn't loose more. (Just the "recent" $25K remodeled area! :-( oh well, People are Safe and Well!!!!)
What started it? Don't know, could have been where we smoke, or our solder pot room, or even another guy in the building that has a shop. I can't tell>>>seems like investigators will be interviewing people today.
Well, off to pick up what I can and get a plan into action. I hope it remains as positive as it seemed with the dim flashlight last night.
With my brother managing the second Keeley shop, we have a nice safe place for everything and will try to get back to work as soon as possible.
This is uncharted ground, but I'm sure we will figure it out. Thanks so much for all of your concern, I know all of the employees would appreciate it if they could see your words and thoughts about this.
Thanks again.