Just got my new neck!


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I took the advice of some of the board members here and ordered a Wenge/Ebony neck to go with my mahogany LPS body. The neck came in today and I had to mock it up. Here are the pics. I can't wait to play it!



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finally somebody here making a solidbody other than a telecaster! :laughing7:

Looks nice dude! I Love DC Les Pauls!

Hey! I always thought this is a very nice body! I watched it some time... Nice that you got it! Congrats!
bpmorton777 said:
finally somebody here making a solidbody other than a telecaster! :laughing7:

The pain... the pain...

But hey, it hurts so good!~
Thanks for all of the positive comments! My plan for the controls is to have a master volume, master tone, and two rotary switches. The first rotary will select which pickup combination (bridge, both in series, both in parallel, both half out of phase, neck), and the second will select the pickup configuration (humbucker, neck tapped, bridge tapped, both tapped, both parallel). I realize it will be kind of insane to keep track of, but I'll probably just use the full neck or full bridge positions 99% of the time, and those will be really easy to get to. The rest will be there anytime I feel like something different. The pickups are both Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates. I'm really anxious to see how they're going to sound with the wenge neck.

I have two pearly gates in an Ibanez S470, no complaints, sounds good, pretty bright tone overall

bob7point7, just out of curiosity, when did you place your neck order
Thanks for the report on the Pearly Gates pickups. I'm hoping they'll be pretty bright. Afterall, that's what the tone control is for, right?  :)

I ordered the neck October 31st. It shipped out on the 3rd of December, and got to me (central Ohio) on the 10th. The 4 to 6 week lead time was pretty accurate.

I've been getting custom ordered necks typically in 4-5 weeks, not counting shipping; keep in mind those are UNFINISHED, if you are ordering a finish on the neck that will stretch the lead time further