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Just got home for a nice relaxing weekend. poured a smooth martini, cranked up the marshall and played the extended version of down by the river. 
Hope you all have a great weekend..
Today was senior skip day, tomarrow is my band pageant (marching band) and its the last week of school next week.

Ohhhh yes I will have a good weekend.
What are other people's plans?
School's pretty much over for me. I'll be playing guitar, but I've got one exam monday.
Last day for me today, and graduation is next Wednesday.  :headbang:  I am SOOOOO glad I never have to go back to that place never ever ever never again.
Just got my Geometry results back. 96. Same as my writing test. Now, for Biology monday.
The standardized testing they've bundled with No Child Left Behind is a joke.  The grade you receive is the percentile you scored, not the actual score.  I scored in the 96th percentile on my Algebra II exam, my raw score was a 69%.  That is sad.  The politicians praise this mediocrity, claiming that NCLB is making students smarter based on the percentile scores, when in reality they're doing worse because of the curriculum the politicians have mandated must be taught, based on statistics they've been fed by lobbyists trying to sell the government their product, who in turn give said politicians kick backs for selecting their product over another company's.  The whole system is based on corruption and how politicians can make the most money, not on what is best for the students.  

Dudesweet157, scored an 85% raw score on his teacher made Stats exam, and is damn well proud of it.

In lighter news, here is a picture of me with my VIP from my graduation set.
This weekend, I have to put an entire household's worth of stuff into a 10'x10' storage unit and try to find a place to live.

Thanks for the boost, Dudesweet.
Honestly, I won't complain too much about scoring in the 96th percentile.
I finished my first year of grad school about a month ago. :icon_biggrin: I've been working on translating a book since January, doing that full-time until late July, at which point I'll be starting an internship with the National Assembly (the home of provincial government in Québec - yes, I know Québec isn't a country; don't get me started on the "national" thing. Ah, Canadian politics...).

But I digress. I plan on spending the weekend in the sun with a beer and a book. And a guitar of course.  :headbang1:
Yeah, my exams are all over. I took AP classes so they were over in may. But I still have  a week, then graduation is the 27th, because it has to be after regents week (lame new york testing system).

Hey exalted, how are things going for you man? Things looking up? If not, its always darkest before dawn, as they say.
I'll be spending the weekend with my girlfriend and her family, on tuesday we're moving her things down to this end of the country and then we are finally living together - permanently if I have any say. So it's looking pretty sweet on paper!
Hey Max, no offense was meant, and I'm sorry if it came across that way.  I am horrible at math.  I plum nearly failed every math class I took in high school, and if it wasn't for the standardized testing I would have failed them.  This year I really buckled down, went to tutoring almost every morning, actually studied for tests (something I never do for other classes), and learned enough to fake it on the exam and scrape a B, which is what I needed to retain my 3.75 unweighted GPA to get my honors cords to wear at graduation and make the President's list.  

However, I do believe that NCLB and standardized testing in general is making American students stupider and stupider as the years pass.  There is simply no possible way to teach all that they mandate that we have to learn in a semester, so teachers rush through and barely cover the material in the vague hopes that we at least remember most of it.  Then when the test scores come back, they get to see how poorly the students actually did, whilst telling them how they ranked in the mediocrity.  The teachers then feel no pride in what they're doing.  Sure, their entire class "passed". but when you've got students who scored a 40 or 50% raw score and the system gives them a bye, you've just wasted a semester of their and your life.  They've failed that which they've set out to do and it's the system's fault.  My mother teaches 2nd grade in a Title I (ie. the ghetto) elementary school and loves teaching the kids, but she feels so horribly for them.  She rides them as hard as she can all year long trying to make them get "it", and when EOG testing comes around, she sees the fruits of her labor were sown in vain.  The kids still scored horribly because they never had the time (or the support at home) to learn that which was forced upon them, but they all still get to advance because almost no one scores well on it and it's based on the percentile not the percent correct.  Sure, you're not leaving any children behind, but you're creating an increasingly hard class to teach for the higher educators.  Kids don't learn the rudiments of the subjects in elementary school, so they're stuck teaching them in middle and high school.  Then you have the kids who have a knack for learning thrown together with the basket cases and they're bored as hell while the teacher is trying to teach those that should've been left behind.  Couple that with the fact that most of the kids that should've been left behind just don't give a damn, so they don't try once they reach middle and high school, and you've got a really F#%$ed up situation.

Sorry for the rant, I'm just really tired of this pussification of America.  Ever since the 60's, anyone who is too lazy to pick their own self up by their own bootstraps cries out that it's someone else's fault and that their entitled to whatever and the liberals give them whatever they want.  Their is no such thing as the American dream anymore, and if there is one, it's do whatever you want, whenever you want, and if you F$#%^ up, Uncle Sam will take care of you.

Didn't mean to make it a political post, sorry

None taken, I was just joking.

Yeah, I'd like to know how well I actually did, instead of knowing I do better than 19 out of every 20 people. So did my brother. Actually, me and my friends (and even my brother on state exams) regularly score in the top. The tests are easy, too.
I hate standardized test just because it seems, without fail, that im always sick on them. When I had my AP tests, I had the flu and it was at its worst during my math, which was the hardest.

And to KBOman, congrats dude, stay happy.
Dudesweet, you rock!  I too am tired of the "pussification" of America.  Once someone successfully sued McDonalds for spilling hot coffee on themselves, the era of personal responsibility was ushered out the window.