Joe Strummer style finish DIY help


Hi all,
I'm about to start a strat project and would like to do a Joe Strummer Tele style finish on it.
The plan is to acquire an alder strat body (if anyone wants to sell me one, let me know) then sculpt the heal warmoth style before stripping the finish, then applying grey auto primer then a matte black finish. Then I'll have some fun rubbing the finish back where wear would normally occur to reveal the grey.
I'm not to sure about how many coats I need to do. I don't want to choke it with too many.
Has anyone done this kind of thing before? Is there anything I should know? Do I need to seal the body after I strip the original finish off or maybe just where I sculpt the heal?
I've never played with finishes before so any tips would be much appreciated.

Doesn't smell like a troll to me... he's asked some honest questions before and I think this is an honest question as well.  Just because the prevailing opinion around here is that relicing is totally stupid doesn't mean we can't answer a question about sanding sealer!

(I can't answer a question about sanding sealer, incidentally, because I have no clue.)
I didn't realise I was trolling, whatever you mean by that.  :icon_scratch:
After spending way too long perusing the fine finishes in the Warmoth showcase, I realised that I don't want to be too scared to let anyone play my guitar or clean it for fear of putting fine scratches in the finish. The last guitar I bought was a beautiful new black Les Paul that some bozo chunked with his picking hand when I let him use it a jam night.
I was going to get one of the Transulent Mary Kay bodies or a green dye quilted maple top from the showcase but everyone I've shown them too says they're just not me. The other finish that grabs me the most that I've seen is the Joe Strummer. Not as "reliced" as that but flat black worn out to flat grey suits me and my style of music. If that's not your thing then so be it........
I'll ask elsewhere if it offends for some reason but Warmoth recommends this site as a source of knowledge for those looking at building a guitar with their parts. I want to do the body on the cheap so I can spend extra on getting a to die for neck from them. (Boatneck, flamed maple, SS frets, satin finish w/o fret markers on the face in case you're interested)
personaly i think it would look nice just flat black without the primer wear spots..........but it's not my guitar so good luck with it :headbang:
Those Strummer teles look like garbage, btw.  I've played one and they truly suck.  Just build one and don't worry about it.  Play it, and let it be an original "Prickstein" finish!
Well I just won an auction an a new sunburst Mexican strat body for pretty cheap. It has a big scratch/blemish on the tummy contour but I'm going to strip it and carve a heel contour anyway.
So the question still remains- do I need to apply a sealer before I start with the auto primer and matte black?
I used the Strummer as a reference- maybe I should have used the Hetfield trucker as that's more the amount of primer showing through I was thinking.