I've become a believer!

Mor Paul

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I saw one of those at guitar center, and I really liked it. I'd never been much of a tobacco burst fan before.

Now... I found this too:

And I love it. I think... Tobaccoburst rocks. And so do P90s.
Spend some time at the Les Paul Forum and see some killer Les Paul’s.  I think on a whole the people on that forum are some of the most well informed guitar lovers on the Internet. And the eye candy is off the charts!
A teardrop shaped tobacco burst Lester can be a thing of beauty.  :icon_thumright:

The first beautiful one I saw was on a Strat.  Now I just want one just with a Tonar tobacco burst.  :icon_biggrin:
Les Pauls are great guitars if you find a good one or if you make a Warmoth :)