Is the name and $20 the only difference?


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So I thinking up ideas for yet another Warmoth guitar while lookin' at Warmoth's neckwood and fretboard wood combinations & prices and then I saw something I hadn't noticed before. I saw that Warmoth sells regular Ebony fretboards and Jet Black Ebony fretboards ($20 more). I already have an Ebony fretboard on my Warmoth Strat (profile pic) and it's blacker than pitch. Does anyone know if there is a significant difference between regular Ebony and Jet Black ebony or is it just $20 and the name? Is a Jet Black Ebony fretboard blacker or have less streaks than regular Ebony? Let me know what up y'all.

Ebony can come streaked and brownish, or a combination of blacks, browns and streaks. Jet black is ALL black, no streaks, and no brown undertones.
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You pay the extra $20 for the ability to ask your friends "It's like, how much more black could this be? and the answer is none. None more black."
You can dye the board like Gibson, Fender, Ovation, Ric, Taylor, etc etc do.
The dye works GREAT - is cheap, and after initial rub down tends to stay put (not come off on your fingers).  Its a ONE time application for the life of the wood too.
Read on Stew Mac that 'really black' ebony boards are the result of staining. They sell the stain in a little ink bottle. I doubt you could stain it after the dots are added, though, so it makes sense for W to charge $20 for staining (or for picking out black boards, I don't know).
Warmoth doesn't stain ebony so what you see is in its natural state.
And worth the premium!~

But for mere mortals - yes you can stain it, and yes you can stain over the dots with minimal or no effect on them.
I like the brown streaks and spots and swirls in ebony. Why cover those up? FWIW, you can stain rosewood as well.
I got a neck with ebony board and it looks pretty black to me... any more and I might be accused of being racist...