Intonation problem on 1 string


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I built my first Warmoth strat about 6 months ago - Swamp Ash body, Warmoth Pro Bird's Eye maple neck/fret board, Wilkenson VS100 convertible bridge, LSR roller nut with Sperzel tuners.
The guitar set up pretty well for my first time.
I just pulled the neck off and yanked out the Fender SCN pups for a SD hotrails ( I still need to buy the cool rail and antique rail).
I set the guitar up again since it's been 6 months and my A string is flat. I have the saddle all the way towards the neck, but it is still flat at the 12th fret. The other strings are fine.
I have the bridge locked.
I set the truss rod, then the string height, then the intonation.
I have all the strings in tune.
I am using a Boss TU-12 tuner.
I did change from .009 DiAddarios to Ernie Ball .009 heavy bottoms, but I don't think that should make that big of a difference.

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First thing I would do is go back to the original string gauge. That will either isolate or eliminate the strings being the problem. Next step...depends on result of first step.
I'm not an expert, but my intonation was really off (according to the tuner, but it sounded ok!) when I had the pickups VERY close to the strings - when I first put it together and hadn't really played it yet.  I waited a few weeks and then set the intonation after it was played in, and no problem.
Here's what I think,  You have that saddle so far forward, that you are droping the string a half step when checking intotanion at the 12th
you might be too focused on the tuner needle or leds, and not even seeing that it's no longer an "A"

Move the saddle back to near the others and try again, This is where a good old strobe tuner comes in real handy,

Here's a great site for setups, 
What you have is a physical impossibility.

Either you have a bad string (possible), or you got sharp and flat reversed.
I thought it was a impossibility. What exactly is a bad string? Is it one that won't hold tune?
I will move the saddle back with the others and start again.
Thank you for your help!
jackocaster said:
What exactly is a bad string?

They refuse to intonate, have bad and or ghost notes, have buzzes... I'm guessing its a winding issue.

Hell, I just had my 3rd... THIRD... ball end UNWIND on a set of Fender strings and I'm frankly a bit pissed on that, but will keep goin with 'em.
The A saddle must belong set in between the E saddle and the D saddle, or the physical laws of the universe have been upended. Strap on your seatbelts in case gravity has been reversed too.
More like unraveling at the ball periphery.

I did a close ball self exam and can see that some of my balls have an extra curlyque of wrapping while the one that came unraveled doesn't(didn't).

I'm guessing that the next time this situation presents itself, I'll have to pull the remaining balls and give them a good looksee, and try and determine the curlyque status.
Meanwhile ladies....poor old Jackocaster has one of his balls much too far away from the saddle :tard:
Something to be said then for the original Esquire design (yes, contrary to popular myth, the Esquire was the "first").  That design keeps the balls firmly seated in those metal cups, much out of harms way.

Seriously tho... I go thru Fender 150 sets by the case.  I buy 'em 30 or 40 packs at a time, and do that two or three times a year.  The sets that have unraveled are the recent (bought in summer) ones.  Fender customer service is beyond the pits, so no contacting them.

happened to my dad with a set of elixirs, he took them back, the guy inspected it, and gave him three free sets of stings, and sent the other set back to the factory.

it happened to my friend with a set of d'addario's (hope thats spelled right), he was restringing his bass, when he went to tune the E, it broke exactly when the tuner said it was perfect.
Thanks again for all the help (and jokes ???  :-\)

I re-strung the guitar today with all new strings. I decided to go back to .010 gauge. I used to use them on my SG for years, and I wanted to add another spring to tighten up the bar.

The guitar is fine now. I moved that saddle all the way back before I started, and it was almost perfect.
I guess it was something with the strings. Both sets were Ernie Ball BTW.
Whatever is was, it fixed now and I just got done playing for about 4 hours. I feel like I got a new guitar again!

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