International Ordering For Dummies?


Everybody who has order goods from Warmoth seems to be very pleased with the quality. I’ve seen only positive reviews. But why ordering has to be so goddamn complicated? I’ve been studying the for couple of weeks now, and I’m still confused about many things. I guess it’s easier for those who speak English as their native language, you can simply call Warmoth and tell what you want. But for us who don’t speak that good English it’s much more difficult.

I still have no clue what to write in these in Body Order Form: 8.) Pot hole locations, and 9.) Switch slot. And I need examples. Do I write some measurements where I want the pot holes, or do I write “yes, please”, or “no thanks, I’ll drill the holes myself”?

The Neck Order Form is a bit easier. Although it also requires a lot of surfing and finding information at

What about when I have all the information in the forms, and I’m ready to place an order? Do I copy / paste the information to the email? Do I take screen captures of the forms and attach the pics to the email?

And what about when the order is done? Do they send me the bill, or do they send me their bank account number or what? Do I have go to my bank and pay the money to their account, or can I pay online? If I send my credit card number, can they charge the card, and I’ll have the normal credit card bill later? Very confusing.

Can somebody please write an International Ordering For Dummies!

Or even better, somebody please do simple webshop for Warmoth. They would propably be happy to pay the work with guitar parts, that way it’ll be also cheaper for them  :icon_thumright:
Sorry for the confusion. We'll have a new website up this year sometime that is clearer for you. For now you can address your questions to a Warmoth rep and they'll help you through the process. Thanks.
I generally call a Warmoth rep because I can talk to them about what I need. I have only done an email order on my recent order, but that's because I have a pretty good idea by now how Warmoth works so I am comfortable doing this. Basically you read over the website, decide what you want on the neck or body, and just tell that to the rep. I would just go to each option, and write down what you want so you have all in one place when it comes time to place the call (also saves a lot on international phone bill).

On email order just include all options and do double check because Warmoth starts production right away and future changes will cost you. You can always ask the rep to read that back and confirm before you accept.

Billing is by credit card but I am sure they take money order as long as its drawn in US funds, credit card is only billed when the item ships.
I have ordered a few bodies & necks plus hardware from Warmoth for delivery to the UK. I do it all by email, the reps I have dealt with have always been very helpfull and asked questions if they were not sure about my order details. I pay by credit card and the stuff has always arrived quickly and was well packed.
Ahh, I'm necroposting again... :evil4:

With emailed orders, does Warmoth prefer you paste all the fields from the order forms into a Word document, or just summarise the same options in the body of an Email?? I know it seems a little pedantic, but I just want to get it right!

just tell them what you want and include all the necessary information. Here is a sample order I sent to Warmoth...

Hi, I would like to place a new order: here is my customer info

name: Tai Fu
#66 ying jhuan rd 7f
Danshui town, Taipei county, 25151

credit card info:  **** ****

Here's what I want to order:
plain Maple/maple fretboard vintage modern neck
nut width 1-11/16"
abalone dot inlay
6100 fret
SRV back contour
tuner hole planet wave (13/32 through hole)

shipping: USPS airmail parcel post (or global priority or whatever they call it...)

Please email to confirm the total... thanks

***another copy will be sent with the rest of the credit card info ***