installing screws in pickguards and tuners


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this is how i do it it seems to work like magic i use candle wax  just rub the screws erom your neck pickguard tuners ect on the candle . also when you remove the screws later they come out super smooth it seems to work better than soap it acually lets you get them tighter than without it it works great and mine smells minty fresh try it youll like it
Wax is definitely an alternative to soap - be sure that you are only using wax on a finished body/neck!

Unlike soap that can be washed away if it gets applied outside of the hole area, wax will require some scraping to remove prior to finishing. I say scraping (i.e. with a cabinet scraper) and not sanding, as sanding will only serve to smear the wax into an even larger contamination area. For a closed grain wood like Maple this is no big deal, but for a open (porus) wood like Mahogany ... well ... it's a load of no fun cleaning things up.

Don't ask me how I learned this  :dontknow:

If you use water to remove the soap, let the wood dry for a few days then lightly sand the raised grain so it is consistent with the surrounding area.

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