Inlayed Indian Rosewood LP Now Complete - final pics


I have added the last two pieces of art by Craig Lavin to this build, an ebony pickguard backed in sterling silver and an ebony truss rod cover.  Craig built both for me and added the inlay art, showng flying fish fleeing the Dorado leaping on the peg head. This completes the project, my vision of the perfect instrument. Check out the final pics on the site below and let me know what you guys think. I remain thrilled with the look and, more than that, with the feel and sound of this one of a kind. Rosewood Rocks!
Bill - Good guess. The silver backing on the pickguard (I had to protect all that art!) put her at 9.9 exactly. So far, the weight seems appropriate, not a problem.
Jack - Lavin just kept coming up with more ideas. I feel like I should frame it and hang it on the wall, but it sounds so good.....
Rosewood figuring is always really cool, it really jumps out at you when you have so much of it there like when the whole damned body is rosewood. :headbang: