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Just in . . .  :dontknow:




D@MN! Did you get that neck from a bird optomertrist? That is insane! Warmoth definitely delivered on that one.

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dbw said:
What's that fingerboard made of?

The fingerboard is Brazilian Rosewood - turned out quite nice I think.
The back is obviously Birdseye Maple - also quite nice, and better than I expected.
willyk said:
What's with the :dontknow: s?  that's a definite  :headbang:

I totally agree - it's a very nice neck.

I'm just wondering if it ts to nice to be used as planned - a replacement for US VRI '62 Jazz Bass  :icon_scratch:

Maybe it should be for a complete Warmoth - any comments/ideas?
Many! :icon_biggrin:
Just to begin...
this is how the addiction starts. you buy a neck for a decent guitar you own then you either use it and think now i need to do something with that old neck or the new one is too nice for the old body, either way you order a new body. then with your new warmoth you come to this site and see every one else's guitars and you think that one is cool maybe i'll build...
it just goes down hill from there...
it's too late for you my friend there is no fighting the temptation.

on that note i think i need a bass project ya know just to have one or five lying around here. :help:

I don't know how I overcame my obsession to build another complete Warmoth bass, but it somehow ended up on my Fender Jazz as planned  :eek:

Now I might have to build an entire Warmoth instaed  :doh: