In over my head, need help on ambitious passive bass setup.


Well right now I'm saving up for a new Warmoth Explorer bass, but my income is limited, and it could be a while till I can actually make it, so I decided to make my current guitar really nice while I wait for my Warmoth bass money to come together. I have a 94 Epiphpone Accu Bass (shut up, it's all I could afford at the time! :icon_biggrin:), which is Epiphones P bass if you didn't know. Either way I'm replacing the tuners, the bridge, and all the electronics, then painting it. I'm going to have it routed for a J bass bridge pickup, and put the jack on the side leaving the third control hole open. I'm putting Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder pickups on it, and I wanted to put that "black ice" passive overdrive on it, and here is were the problem comes in. It replaces the tone knob with a distortion control. It's really cool, I've heard it in person, and I like it, but it's not right for everything. Once it's installed, you have no tone control. Thats not gonna work. Can anybody help me wire this, I basically would like, volume, distortion, tone, blend, and I guess some sort of switch, or push pot to switch off the distortion and onto the normal control with a normal cap and everything. Is this plausible? I know I would have to use concentric pots but my main question is, can I wire it with two different controls, and switch between those two with a switch like an amp with a dirty channel and clean channel, but on a passive bass guitar. I've got a feeling that this is insane and isn't gonna happen, but if it's at all possible I'd like to make it happen.,_pickups/Components:_Black_Ice_overdrive/Black_Ice_Overdrive.html

Thanks, Derrick.
yeah just add a tone control. it's all in parallel just add a pot somewhere and run a wire from hot to the 1st solder lug and a cap from the second to ground, well really it makes more sense to leave the old one there and add a pot for the black ice useing the origonal as an example.
one other solution is

get another 3 way lp style witch and link the black ice to two poles...

then have it wired after ur pickup selection, your going to have to find a better electrician then me
but you can have upright on the lp switch wither be completely passive throigh, and u can have the mid position control one coil of the bass pickup(if ur using humbucker style) and the down position be full both coils on the black ice

enjoy!and then ur usualy tone as folows