I'm absolutely sick-- the side adjust for my Warmoth Pro strat neck just broke!


I took my warmoth teak  strat neck w/ ebony fretboard off of my tele body and decided to follow the instructions to reset the side adjust for the truss rod so that I could store it away safely for the winter and use it next year on another project. 

I loosened the heel adjust per the instructions, then I tightened down the side adjust (again, as per instructions), and it was at that time that I heard a "pop".  The side adjust allen screw snapped right off and fell out!

I'm sitting here almost in tears, because this is a beautiful teak strat neck, with a really cool ebony fretboard, stainless steel frets-- the works.  Have I absolutely ruined this neck?  Is there any way to have Warmoth take what's left of the old side adjust screw out and put a new one in? 

The neck is only about 16 months old--- just old enough to be out of warranty.

All I was doing was following the instructions for resetting the side adjust-- I never expected the side adjust to break!  Is this neck completely ruined, or is there a way this can be fixed?
No worries, Warmoth can repair it for you. Just call in during business hours and a Warmoth rep will be able to discuss it with you.  :icon_thumright:
Just as an FYI, the truss rod still functions.  You just don't have use of the side adjust mechanism.  It can still be adjusted bia the heel adjust.  It will take a bit more turning though.

Like Gregg said, the side adjust can be repaired.

This is great news!  I'm hoping the repair won't be too expensive.  Putting in a new side adjust screw would be easy--the trick will be getting the broken piece of the side adjust screw out. 

I figured the heel adjust would still function, therefore the truss rod could still be adjusted, but one of the main positives for this neck is the side truss rod adjust.  VERY good to know that it can be repaired. 

I'll call Warmoth later today.

Hey, While we're on the subject.  I have never used the side adjustment. I guess I am old school.  I am wondering, can I order a warmoth neck without this device?

Maybe if I used it, it would convince me to keep it. I am so used to taking off the neck and making adjustments that I forget it's even there.

Does anyone use those? and what do you think?

Sorry to hijack the thread, but you were done anyway right?