I need the exact dimensions of warmoth's Tele heel and the screw positions.


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Can somebody please post how wide, precisely, a Warmoth heel is, using a caliper?

I also need the screw positions in there, how far away they are from the end of the neck.

I got Tele neck and body from Warmoth and the fit was perfect. I decided I didn't like the neck and sold it, forgetting to take these measurements. The new neck I got is a little wider and I want to sand it down to whatever the Warmoth neck had.

Thanks so much.
No caliper and no desire to take apart a working guitar either, sorry.
Standard advice is to sand the body not the neck, and to do it bit by bit until it just fits like a glove. Also let parts sit a couple of days, they could have expanded due temp / humidity change in shipping.
warmoth says their necks are made to Fender specs.

on the warmoth site it says the neck heel is 2 3/16" (55.55mm) at the widest point.
Well, my necks and bodies are all Fender spec and they all vary.

I'm got going to open up a body that I already know has perfect fit with an actual Warmoth neck when I have the choice of sanding down the neck to the right specs.

Guess I shouldn't have sold the thing without doing the caliper dance  :glasses10:
You cannot seriously think that after I already decided that the Warmoth specs are right that I change everything to the wider spec. I might want to mount an actual Warmoth on there at a later time.

I appreciate that you want to help me. But I specifically asked about measurements and this thread gets a little heavy on the telling me what to do side instead.

I don't expect everybody to have a stash of unmounted necks and calipers floating around, the question is for thse who happen to have.
They all have the same 'spec', they just vary a bit from piece to piece - it's wood and it expands and contracts for a number of reasons, and different companies have different tolerances. Somebody else's calipers on their neck are not going to really help you with yours. The standard practice, as everyone is trying to help you with, is to just open up rout in the body and not mess with the neck.
And lose the 'tude, dude - the cheapest thing around is free internet advice, everyone's dying to give it away. Nothing wrong with people trying to be helpful.
I appreciate the help.

Fact is, however, that the "same spec" necks (and neck pockets) come out differently by manufacturer, more so than the normal woodwork tolerance explains. The proper cure is measuring the things. I thought that a forum of guitar assembling people would appreciate the value of exact measurements.

Alternatively, nothing a big hammer wouldn't fix...