I need suggestions on a new build


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Well I will be getting back into guitars... (I went to bass because I wanted to fill a position but after we found a really experienced guitarist he pretty much told me don't concentrate on my weakness, instead be a rhythm guitar instead since I learned the guitar longer than I learned the bass) and I got this swamp ash body which I will replace another guitar, this time I will build a guitar from the ground up... I don't know what I should be getting though but I wanted flame/quilted maple top. Should I go with alder body or ash? its hard enough dying bodies but grainfill is a nightmare especially without the proper "stuff". I think I want to do a real dragon burst and have a rear routed S style body this time...
Swamp ash!  I think grain filling is easy compared to doing a dragonburst. I like the "enhanced grain" look that is showing up in the showcase on some swamp ash bodies. Looks like it is just dark filler sanded back and shot with transluscent. I'll try and find a picture to show what I mean.....
I did a dragon burst and I think it came out pretty good, it was on a plain swamp ash though. I was hoping that Warmoth could do a deeper contour cut though because the reason I went with B hefner body is because of their contour cut...
Check these out, the first one is green trans on alder (the front is dragonburst). The second one is that dark fill enchancement I was talking about, I could only find a yellow trans finish on swamp ash so I "doctored" it with a "virtual" green burstover. It's not real precise but it may open possibilities. I guess I think that the swamp ash is a bit more interesting


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