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Imagine this....Jackson V-2 style gutiar, Jet Black Ebony fretboard with gold frets/floyd rose/knobs/pick up rings, and black pickups. I was going to go with an all white finish on this guitar, but now I am wondering what a Tongue Oil finish would look like. What do you think?
"Tongue Oil"?  Dude that is truly nasty. I don't know what a tongue oil finish would look like, but pure tung oil is a nice way to finish a guitar.
Confederate Wookie has a tung oil finish on his alder V2... You should be able to find pics over in misc. guitar.
I'd look at his V2 post anyways, not for his "shredding machine" but someone posted a King V with a similar finish in the same thread.  THAT's worth checking out  :toothy10: