I dont think Warmoth does this body style, but here ya go


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Made by moi.  Also, reworked the Champ into a HOT ROD Champ... (18watts) and note the 2x10 Bassman which rips yer flesh off.  And of course, Mr Mouser for the kitties.

I feel like I'm looking at mandolin bathroom humor. That just might be one of the most bizzare electrics I've ever seen.

The real question-- is it "fully functional"???
Absolutely functional... as a guitar.

Jeeez-o-Pete I like that... er... MOTO... one.  Now THATS a class act!
Thats it.  Thats all she wrote...  I lay my toiletry skills before the maker of that bedpan mando... and bow my head low in defeat.
Good Lord, there's a joke about "going commando" there someplace, but I'll be dingled if I can remember it...
Superbeast520 said:
Hey!.............arn't you guys forgetting somethin????............how ya gonna wipe????? :laughing7:


The real winner part of this deal is the turd shaped pickup mount.
Hahahaha, I didn't even notice it until you mentioned it Boobala. :laughing7:
im sure i could find a plunger made into an upright and we could form an unsanitary jug band. call our selves the Number 2s.
It gives the term."brown stain" a complete new meaning. Here's an idea for transport


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