I did it... badly, but I did... tons of strings broken

Is that the usual way you play guitar? Fingerpicking like that is always hard for me. Great effort, btw.... :icon_thumright:
Dude, did you play that slide part at  2:05 using a Zippo lighter?  That's freakin' awesome. :)

Beck has such a unique style, using his fingers and the way he works the bar and all, definitelty tricky to get down.  You sounds really good.

What kind of gear are you using - and what's in that strat - pickups I mean...
Thanks for listening,

The zippo should not be there, but I dropped my glass slider on the floor during the gig and it broke into pieces. Now the zippo is my slider, but it's not very accurate. The guitar itself has all kind of problems with the neck, thats why there are so many sound artifacts besides inaccurate playing. The pickups are Kinman Hunk Marvins. They are the best noiseless pups to my ear. Don't mind the background noise - I had an electricityy shout out in my flat. Electrician came and fixed it, but it seems now I have a ground problems. Now I can litterally listen the radio on all of my guitars inluding humbucking ones. There are no gear on this record. Just streight to the GutarRig 3 with factory preset called "Pink Numb Lead", which supposed to be a "Comfortably Numb" sound. I just rolled off bass to 3 and added the treble a whole bit and turned off the chorus. Thanks for a feedback, it was a challenge for me, I did  not play with fingers before neigher used a bar a lot.
Jeez, guy, that kills.... I would guess that from the shortened & bent whammy bar, you're kind of a Beck fanatic? :toothy12: I built my seven-string with a two-point whammy just because of that song.... Beck must be using really light strings, he doesn't do guitar mag interviews & he's pretty secretive, but he ain't playin' SRV 13-56's, for sure. I don't even try to imitate those bends, I can't afford the string bill. :sad:
According to some sources he uses from 10-49 up to 11-52, but I doubt he's using anything past 10-48  :icon_biggrin: He uses Wilkinson Roller Nut which does not allow more than 10-46 by default (that's what people say). That trem bar I've got with the guitar, I thought it's pretty standard ... before  :icon_biggrin: I use 11-48 down to E flat. I have to say that I got in all kind of troubles with guitars to play his stuff, cause his signature guitars are bassically not the same as guitars he plays and it turns out to be pretty critical. If somebody interested - I can explain the details.
This is awesome mate.. I saw him live once and my face melted off.

I've listened to it 3 or 4 times over the day, great stuff.
I guess if you're freaky about this, you've probably seem the Peterson Tuner videos about Jeff's guitars? If not, they're pretty informative. If you poke the Peterson link, there are also links with Pete Townsend's guitar tech. Neither one treats their guitars like precious widdle babies... Beck's a "one Strat kind of guy" - "I've got seven or eight custom shop copies of that guitar and he hates all of them". Umm, about that Seymour Duncan "JB" pickup - there are two sets of Suhr pickups that he really uses....


I'd be happy to hear whatever other details you know, you could PM me or post 'em I guess. :blob7:
I found this interesting - about his amps, settings and effects...

GoDrex said:
I found this interesting - about his amps, settings and effects...


Thanks a lot for the links - I did not see them. I guess I need to try a basswood body now  :laughing7:  Here is another one http://www.ainian.com/PRIOR.PDF

To make long story short the main problem is the LSR roller nut. It has rubber pads on the back which are dampering a bit and LSR actually need the string trees. So all those screaming harmonics are not there. If you try a natural harmonic on third string 3d or 4th fret and then vibrate or pitch it with a bar it will die. You can add rolling or graphtech trees but the rubber stil does not help the sound. On the opposite Wilkinson roller nut is much wider and has two sets of bearings: one up front and one on the back of the nut. So when you take harmonics or any "open" string sound it gets that louder "screaming" voice, which you can hear with Beck's playing and you can pitch or vibrate it without loosing the sustain. Another thing are those Vintage Noiseless pups. The are good when you playing just usual stuff, but it seems like they roll off highs a bit. So when you get harmonics or obertones on lower strings they have much less higher obertones to it and sound much quieter than regular notes. That's not the case with Kinmans, which are pretty balanced. Another thing is that adjustment whatever it called (tilt screw or whatever) for the neck. It gets loosened from time to time and produces a buzz from inside the neck joint.

P.S. May be it's just my experience, so it's IMHO