I could use some help.

So I'm hoping to start buying ther parts to make my custom bass as soon as possible. Problem is I'm still new to all the factors of how the electronics and all the small elements of the whole instrument work.


That is essentially what I am going for. I do want to add a few things though. My problem lies in that, I don't know if I want to glue the neck or bolt it on. I don't know what difference pickup position can have, what type of electronics I'll want, etc...

If anyone knows where I can get this info or can help me out please do.

I'm looking to make a bass with a nice warm sound. Currently thinking about a mahogany body with a rosewood fretboard and the neck is still being debated. I like to use a raised action on my bass but that might change because I want a fretless, so should I worry about nutsize. I'd like to have some experimentation room on this. My current bass has three nobs, one for each pickup.... I think. There seems to be one for treble, one for bass, and one for master volume. My pickups have two set like the one in the above picture and another close to the bridge. I have no idea how I want my electronics set but I know I want a toggle switch to cut the sound. I don't want tremelo or any of that built in because I like handeling my effects with pedals.

Sorry about the newbie post. If anyone can help please post or message me. Thanks.
A couple more things to add. I'm planning on buying the whole thing from Warmoth. Possibly go other places for the electronics though. Also finishing is one of my biggest worries. I want to let the bass have a natural look and show the wood off. Once again, like the one above. So should I do the finishing myself. I've never done anything like that before but I know people who could help. How would I go about finishing the body so I show off the wood and not leave a glossy cover, while not leaving it essentially a hunk of wood exposed to the elements.

if you are making a guitar/bass from Warmoth parts.....DO NOT GLUE THE NECK ON! It's a bolt-on neck joint and would not be good for gluing. You'd have problems with the thing and ruin the neck and/or body.

That's what I was noticing, but I didn't know if there was an option. Thanks. If I where to go with a replacement body and a neck from somewhere else though would gluing make a difference in any way?
the neck joint on glue in guitars is much different. there is a discussion somewhere here on this. there is more surface area for the glued parts. Bolt-on necks were never designed for gluing.

More than a matter of surface area... its where in relation to the grain that the wood is glued.  On most solid body glue in necks, you have bottom contact, but its the side contact that makes the joint work.

Now that the neck issue is out of the way. Anyone have any info on things like pickups and woods. I'm thinking of using a P. Bass body made of mahogany possibly with a black korina laminate top and black binding. I know I want to go with either a ebony or rosewood fretboard. The thing I'm the shakiest on is how I will finish it. I just want to let the natural wood show with a low gloss finish. Any idea on a good neckwood would be appreciated too.
if you want mahgany body with black korina top,  why dont you just get an all korina body....it's cheaper and i have heard that korina has a very simaler tone of mahgany...
I don't know if I'm going to use a laminate top. But if that's the case I might just go with the korina body. What would be a good neck match?