Humbucker + P90 Wiring diagrams?


Hey guys,

I've got an LPS that I just got wired up. It's got a pair of p90s.
The Anderson P90 in the neck sounds amazing. It's perfect.
The bridge P90 sounds good but has too much hum, sepecially
with high gain (even with massive shielding).

I'm thinking about going to the Dimarzio Virtual p90 in the bridge.

I need a wiring diagram for a Hum/single with 2 volume and 2 tone.

Got any links for this?


Almost every conceivable wiring diagram is on the Seymour Duncan website.

If you're getting hum from the bridge but not the neck, you probably either have a grounding fault on the bridge PU, OR you might have baked the bridge Vol or Tone pot while soldering.
Jack (or is it Mr. thehack :)),

I checked SD and they don't have a schematic for a Hum/single setup.
I'd like to find one for the new Gibson GFS that uses the Hum/p90 config.

The ground is good. In combined mode there is NO hum and the neck has
very little, but it's also much lower output than the bridge.

The pots are OK because I used a common ground tied to the shield.  The
grounds aren't soldered directly to the pots (no gnd loops).


Well, I agree with Jack that the hum might be coming from somewhere other than the pickup, but if you do want to rewire it with a humbucker, just look at a 2 humbucker/2vol/2tone diagram and ignore the part that refers to the neck pickup.
"The ground is good. In combined mode there is NO hum and the neck has
very little, but it's also much lower output than the bridge."

??? Still could be Bridge PU/Vol/Tone pot grounding...

You should be using this wiring diagram:

P90s typically have a single hot lead and a braided outside woven shield that is the ground. The hot lead should go where the black wires are in the diagram and the woven shield/ground where it shows the green/bare wires going. Make sure you have the grounds between the backs of the pots installed per the diagram
I'll double check my grounding. 

I had previously checked all of the various pot/bridge/shield
connections with my meter but I have made a few changes
since then.  Might be worth rechecking.

I've been working with the Duncan P90 version of the diagram
you linked.  It's virtually identical.

The Anderson p90's have the neck reverse wound so that
it's hum cancelling in the middle position.  I was thinking there
is probably a way to get the same effect with the 4 conductor


Have you tried getting a second opinion?  Sometimes sounds we think are problems really aren't ... though it does sound like a ground problem if it's really bad.
In any typical 2 PU/2 vol/2 tone/3-way switch circuit, if only one pickup is belching hum by itself and NOT when the 3-way is set to both, thr root cause is almost always going to be grounding on that pickup's side. No hum being heard with toggle in "both" position is due to circuit finding ground through the other PU's grounding. If there was an issue with the PU itself  or the vol/tone pots on that side the hum would not go away when in the "both" position. It's an electrical circuit so ANYTHING might be possible, but unlikely.
I agree with everyone here so far. it sure sounds like a bad connection to me,(ie... bad solder joint)  or your just in a noisey environment
Ok Guys,

If you all (hmmm, I'm in Dallas, I guess it should be "all y'all") think it sounds like a ground
I'll give it the once over tomorrow night.  I bow to your vast combined experience  :laughing7:.

I'll let you know what I find.

Thanks guys,