Humbucker in the Bridge and SC in the Neck position.


Hello - I'm putting a guitar together that has a Humbucker in the bridge position and a Single Coil in the neck position.  I am planning on using a 3 way switch with a coil tap on the humbucker.

My question is: Should I use a Reverse Wound/Reverse Polarity single coil in the neck position, or should I use a regular Single Coil?  My goal is to have Hum Cancelling when the both of the pickups are active and the Humbucker is "Split".  I will be using a "standard" coil  tap with the Humbucker, so the "Slug Coil" will be active when the pickup is split.

Thanks, Rob.
heres a quick thought, I've done this  one coil of a humbucker is magnetic north, the other half magnetic south, get a magnetic polarity checker from stewart mcdonald and determine which is which and determine the single coil polarity, wire your front rear split accordingly.
So if the single is mag south, split the humbucker so that mag north is on with the neck pickup,

the humbucker can be wired for either. and diferent pickup makers may use diferent standards.
alfang is right but gave only part of the story.
you can push the pickups against each other. if the repel they are the same magnetic polarity. some don't recomend this because it can demagnitize the pickup i just wouldn't hold them near each other longer than i had to.
once you determine the side of the pickup you want on with the sc ( the side that is atracted to the sc) you need to make sure you get the phase right. unless you have a referance that tells the winding direction of each pickup you must do this by ear. i can advise you on how to do this but it would be easier if you gave more info.

what pickups are you considering. are they of the same brand? if yes you can probably use a rw/rp pickup and wire the bridge just like the company recomends. if not it may take a little work or reserch to get right.