How's this for strange..

big bob

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Got the last guit all buils accept the covers for the cavitys. I sprayed them with poly yesterday at 5 pm still tacky this morning...
any way back to the strange, I did a full set up this morning. The neck as usual was set up great from warmoth, just a little relief in the center.
I set the bridge height as per erlwine, lowered untill it buzzed and then raised back up till buzz was gone. This ended up too low for my tastes so I raised it a little more. adjusted the spaceing on the bridge (shaller roller) so the strings pass over the pole pieces perfectly, then the part I hate. Intonation. I tuned the guitar to pitch then checked the intonation at the twelth. It was perfect no adjustment needed.. I got the bridge from a friend who pulled it off a heritage 150. I never touched it execpt to change string spaceing... and Bam,  intonated, perfect, is that weird or what..
If it's the same scale length and string gauge, intonation theoretically shouldn't need an adjustment.  The fact that it actually worked out that way is a testament to your drilling accuracy.  :eek:ccasion14:

I like how the electronics fit in between the ribs.  This has got to be one of the coolest Warmoths ever o_O