How is a Neck pickup different than a Bridge pickup(of the same type)


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I was reading a Harmony central review on some Alnico 2 pro pickups.  The guy who wrote the review said to put the Neck pickup in the bridge.  Why would he say that?  How are these things calibrated and what are the guidelines...Neck vs. Bridge

Please help clear up the confusion for me.  Understand that I used to only play a strat w/ a SD '59 bridge pickup.  I'm broadening my horizons on a large scale now.  Thank you friends :help:


Oh and are we using the same size mounting rings on these Humbuckers or not? Last I heard was short in the front and tall forthe anyone.
Usually... the bridge pickup is a bit hotter, due to the fact that the string vibrates more farther from the bridge allowing more signal to the slightly weaker neck pickup thereby "balancing" the two.

If the neck is angled, use different sized pickup rings, if the neck is straight you can use the same size.
Don't believe most of what you read on Harmony Central, as a rule....

Typically, pickups that come in neck/bridge sets have more winding on the bridge PU to make a little "hotter"; you get a mellower tone from the neck PU and a little hotter/brighter tone from the bridge PU.

Dunno about the Alnico 2 Pro's, wired up the kid that plays guitar in my girlfriend's son high school band and wasn't impressed, used to like other SD products better but now am sold on Rio Grande TX BBQ sets.

Did Guitar Player or somebody just run another full page ad where Slash endorsed these? I'm as sure he gets a lot of money and free shit from SD for that as I am he still has the original PAFs in his 58/59 LP collection....


I'm a GnR fan for sure.  The reason I'm interested in these pickups specifically is there is a tone that Slash gets that I'm after.  After I saw him play the solo for "Knocking on heavens door" live, I knew what tone I was after.  Then I picked up G&R Live 87-92 and that same guitar tone was all over that record.  It is truly a singing tone.  Amazing.  Slash is always saying how he keeps things simple and just plugs straight into a Marshall, and I've always respected that.....BUT, I just saw the last guitar world magazine w' his set-up and HOLY SHIT!  There has got to be 50,000 dollars worth of F#@*ing gear on that page. search for that tone is on.  I am in the market for an amp also.  My amp blew to bits during the last lightning storm we had.  In fact everything connected to that side of the wall in the entire house blew and that was with surge protectors.  (Please everyone....Unplug your gear at the end of the day....I don't give a shit what your surge protector warranty says)  Lightning is an amazing thing when it hits your house. :evil4:  My German Shephard now howls like a F@#*ing wolf during every lightning storm) :dontknow:. 

Anyway, I want a small tube amp thats not gonna break my bank, but will deliver that wonderful tone.  Heyman, this has been great.  :eek:ccasion14: Catch you later!  Shane-O
Hey Shane,
I bought a Palamino 16 as was recommended in one of the topics here, and I love it!
where in Texas do you live?
Yeah, give it a try.. I know people 'frown upon' Crate, but this one is really worth checking out!
hey, I live in the same area, Plano.
Depends on the series of pickup but...

Neck can be less winding.  Sometimes thinner wire (ie Telecaster neck pickup)
Neck can be closer spaced (Gibson does this by 1/32 inch on 'some' of their humbuckers)
Neck can be shorter bobbin
Neck can be different magnet (Gibson does this too, ie 490R/496T set)
Neck can be totally different (telecaster again)

You name it, it can be different in pickups... neck vs bridge on the same set.  And... sometimes no diff at all.  57Classic is used in neck and bridge on SG, LP, ES-135, ES-137 and ES-335, as well as others.
shaneman said:

North Texas, Mckinney.  I'm gonna check that amp out.  Thanks man.


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shaneman said:
That's beers, steers & queers!  and yea, we got'em all.  We also keep shotguns hanging on the rear window gun rack of our truck.  God bless Ted Nugent. :headbang1:


Nugent rocks politically, he can pick a guitar too. Maybe not technicaly the best, but he rocks non the less. I grew up in the 70's with Terrible Ted. Great white buffalo
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Shane-O :guitaristgif:
any thing happen, worth mentioning, in texas, the alamo doesn't count

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Hey, I am not a real Texan either! moved here 4 years ago.. my company transfered me over from Ireland, where I lived for 7 years. I am really Dutch though.

I agree with Shane, it's good to live and work here, but nothing exciting, and the landscape is really boring!
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Here South of Houston we consider anyone living North of Huntsville to be a yankee...


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