How do you think this will look


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Had an idea I wanted a different shape for the pickguard, so I decided to cut this spare one that I had, at first I thought this had to to go but have lived with it for a day now and its starting to look Ok and it might stay. :icon_scratch:


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I can't decide, I think I need a pic with the neck in place.
Here it is with neck attached.


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I can't decide if I would dig it in person or not. Maybe it would have been better to have less of an angle on the cut away portion and more of a smooth straight line from the neck pickup area to the selector switch.
I did something similar to try to show more grain on a korina body, think pretty much everybody hated it and I'm beginning to get tired of looking at it myself, may go back to a conventional PG on this one:

I like that one, did you cut the pickguard or you did you have it made for you.
I think both of those strats are great looking guitars: but they do look a bit odd with those pickguards. I'd change them both back.

No. Don't change them, those look great!

The typical Strat pickguard for whatever reason, is way too big, and covers too much nice wood or color.

These only look strange because they are different,

I think all strats and even all guitars should be rear routed anyway, but if you gotta cover a front route, do it with as little as possible
I had bought a maple pickguard/tremolo cover set that for some reason would not take Fender Neck Amber without going all orange, so wound up staining them ebony and using them on that Strat.
I guess the maple is easier to cut than a plastic pickguard. Do you remember here you bought it.
I guess ideally a rear rout would be best, the cut pick guard seems like a compromise to me, and looks a bit awkward.
How about a clear pickguard. If you didnt want to see the wires you could airbrush a little color  white,brown whatever under the cover and leave the rest clear.


I saw these at stewmac.

I "stuck a piece back in" your pearl guard. I think this looks better, hope you don't mind.........


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I like that too willyk, its a lot softer/smoother than my cut, I think I am just after something that will give the guitar a  little touch of visual difference.  Maybe in the end I will go back to the expected look.  I am open to all suggestions and appreciate all feedback.  Thanks.
There used to be a guy on eBay that made custom pickguards and knobs, but he's not on there any more, that where I ordered the maple one. I just looked and the only thing I see there know are some that have thin wood veneers glued to plastic pickguards which will be a bitch to cut...

Try googling around, there are a couple of people doing these, here's the first one I found:
the second option, regretably done with photo shop, looks better and more rounded. it seems to match the curves of the guitar better than the very angluar cut that was originally made. i think there are some strats in the warmoth gallery that have this kind of pickguiard.

or this


i hope this helps you decide what pickguard is right for you. best of luck to you.
I like the third one, it looks like it was designed that way. I bet you really wanted to show off that great grain, eh?
Thanks for the info guys. I might take mine off again and cut the angle a bit differently to smooth it out a bit. I like the line on Jacks wooden guard and the cocobolo guard from the gallery which is similar to a mock up willyk did for me in a previous post.
Music man  I like the first one, nice smooth lines, I like all your ideas actually, good job