How brown WILL padouk get?


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From the Warmoth site, they say:
Bright vivid red color which oxidizes to a warm brown with use.


I have a yummy padouk neck on my fretless P-bass, which is easing towards a warm brown as predicted. However, I might want to arrest this trend at an yet-to-be-determined point - just how brown is "warm brown"? Is it as brown as the pau ferro fingerboard?
It's always going to be reddish as oppsed to the more yellowy brown from what I can see of the fingerboard. Just arrest it when you like the color, you can't reverse the oxidation process.
If you tour incessantly for years, it can go pretty darn brown:



Gregg said:
I've seen older necks that are a milk-chocolate brown.

I agree. it seems like they react by sunlight and air, so if you seal it air and light-tight, you'll keep your red-neck :D
I put a piece of scrap Padouk in my windowsill for a couple of weeks, and i completely forgot it was there until i went to clean the windowsill last night.

After a couple of weeks of constant sunlight, the wood had a disgusting dried out brown color to it. I was a bit freaked out at first, but then i put some Howard Feed N' Wax on it, and that brought the wood back to life.

Here are the pictures: