Hi and just pulled the trigger


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Hi Guys,

I just thought I'd say hi and show you what I've just pulled the trigger on....


I saw it a few weeks ago and tried to buy it but for some reason my credit card got declined.  Checked out the screaming deals last night and it was still there but with $50 off.  I got it for $249.99.

I'm going to pair it up with a neck I've ordered.  Reverse CBS style with an ebony fingerboard, medium jumbos.  Hardware-wise I'm saving up for a Wilkinson VSV, Gotoh staggered height Klusons (so no having to drill a string tree) and a white EMG 85 I've got lying around.

Can't wait for it all to arrive!

More details, man!
Maple neck?
Hardware color?
Direct mounted pup or pickup ring? (what color?)
It's going to have a maple neck with ebony f/b (22 frets - reverse CBS h/stock with the Wolfgang profile) - chrome hardware (VSV Trem, chrome low-profile h/b mounting ring) and chrome tele style knobs (I have a few in my parts drawer).  Controls are going to be Volume / Tone.  I've asked them to drill it x-T1-T2-x.

I am toying with getting an EMG81TW and having Volume (with push/pull for coil splitting) with an SPC to provide a mid boost instead of a tone.  Depends on funds really :)
I've decided to run it with a SD Jeff Beck trembucker with a push/pull on the volume pot for series/parallel switching and a Fender "no load" tone pot so can I do that 80s EVH thing but still have the option of rolling of the highs if I need it.
Hi Guys,

Just a quick update to say that the body is the courier's depot at the moment waiting for me to go down there and pay the custom's charge...It might be a few days before I get down there because of the snow we've got right now...in the UK 2-3 inches is enough to cause the whole country to grind to a halt.

The neck I ordered is currently bouncing around the US...USPS are telling me that's it in Philly at the moment!!!!
I've now got the body and neck....photos will be up later.

The body is fantastic.  I didn't realise it had the contoured heel...the quilt maple on the swamp ash is amazing and I love the 3d effect when I turn it in the light.  It's also very light which is bonus for me as I'm of the opinion that lighter bodies = more resonance (at least acoustically).

The neck is perfect.  Just what I wanted and I can't wait to start putting this baby together.  I'm fitting it with a Seymour JB with a "no load" tone pot and a push/pull volume to select series or parallel switching.  I should have asked for the switch to be routed as I could have wired up a Fender 3way to give me Series/Split/Parallel switching.

It's going to have a GFS vintage bridge that's going to be blocked and it'll have some brass modern style saddles that I've got lying around.
rounce55 said:
thats sweet, and what are jumbo frets? they are like scolloping right?
To some jumbo can mean taller, wider or both.  Taller frets keep your fingertips a little more off the fretboard and allow for more pitch changes.  Wider with a "school bus round" is a little smoother for slides.  YMMV
Here's a pic I took when I got home last night...It's not very good but I'll be taking pics as I go through the construction.


The neck isn't bolted on - I just slid it in to get an idea for how it's going to look