Help with tone pot wiring


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I just got done wiring up my strat to have the 3rd knob control the tone of the bridge and middle.  The only problem is that the knob is "backwards" - 10 is 1 and 1 is 10!!  Is this a pot problem or can I fix this by reversing the wires on it?  Or is it something else?  Thanks in advance,

I'm a noob when it comes to stuff like this but that is crazy. I'm sure someone here has some knowledge about it though.
Very easy mistake and easy to fix.    your pot has 3 posts on it, the center post Is the actual wiper arm inside the pot, you are most certainly connected there correctly,  Of the other two posts, you need to move the wire from one to the other, should fix the problem.

If not,,,,,,nevermind, if it works now but is backwards, thats the problem. 

We should all own a cheap multi-meter for checking switch and pots before soldering.
You have a diagram of how you wired it? If you're following some typical diagram, remember the pictures are always looking at the pot setup from the BACK of the pickguard/control cavity.
agreed that your middle connection is correct, and that you caught the opposite outer terminal. swap your connection to the other outer terminal and you should be ready to roll

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Must be a weird pot (it is push-pull) - I followed the schematic precisely.  Oh well, I switched the outer lug and it works perfectly now.  Thanks for the tip!