Help with H-S-S wiring


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I wired up my humbucker into my Strat today and it seems to be working but I have a couple questions.  It's a GFS VEH and the wiring colors are the same as seymour duncan's which was nice, so I wired it up according to thier specs, but it sounds like I need to switch my red and green wires after looking again at the diagram.  It says if I have fender pickups I need to switch them so I have to fix that already :doh:  My question is the strat 5 way is wired different than most there's a strange jumper on the one side and I'd like to be able to wire my humbucker so it will split at the second notch so I get the middle pickup and one of the humbucker coils.  Can anyone tell me how I need to wire it by looking at the diagrams I have listed? Or is this even possible?  If not I guess I'll go mini toggle.  It's an American Strat with the delta tone knob for the bridge and middle pickup if that makes a difference.  I was playing some today and it sounded great, I wired in a 500k volume pot and left the tone knobs stock.  I'll try and post some sound bytes or video at some point as well as pics of my setup.  Anyway the two diagrams below show the factory Strat wiring and how I have the humbucker currently wired up per seymour duncan's site.  Hopefully they show up!

Well I decided to rewire the whole thing to this and it sounds strange?  First position (bridge) I get a slight hum, second none, third hum, fourth none, fifth (Neck) hum.  So with this setup is my selector, Bridge split/bridge series / middle / middle and neck / neck?  Any help I'm not sure what I have wired up now?  I tried reversing the green and black wires and the second position (neck and bridge) got really quiet and twangy?  Does that mean it would be out of phase or something?