Help pick a neck!


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Alright guys, so my body arrived a few days ago, and now I need to pick a neck. I am leaning towards a macassar ebony on canary wood, but it doesn't look perfect...
Can you help me find something that you think would look better?
I think I would really like the tone and feel of padouk, but it does not go with my body at all. Perhaps I could get one with a peghead veneer, but which wood would look best?

Here is my body (spalt maple on alder)

Since they don't make spalted maple veneers in straight headstocks, see if you like something like that: (I'm going to Warmoth site to see if I found something cool)


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I hate to sound like a boring old fart, but....I kinda think a nice flame maple with a darker board would have a great look with that gorgeous body,  and would be in the tonal spectrum you seem to be shooting for.
Well, I am not 100% sure what the tone I am going for is...I change my mind very, very often.
I am leaning more towards an unfinished neck, tho, so maple is out.
I am leaning towards either padouk or wenge (both with ebony) but I need to find a good veneer. If I cant, then I will go canary wood.

NonsenseTele - is there a place I can see the different veneers? Burl Maple isn't in the wood necks page, so I don't know what it looks like.
Burl Maple:

I dunno if they make it neither, I don't payed attention to this before you said... send an email to them...
I think those necks I showed will look very cool in this bass, but we gotta know what are you searching... Ah, they don't put a veneer in a Showcase neck, so...