Help me Tweak my strats!


Alder Body - Firemist Gold
Brazilian Rosewood Fretboard & Birdseye Maple Neck
Pickups - Really keen on big dipper pups, but don't wanna buy em off ebay.
Thinking either these OR some Lindy Fralin Vintage Hots underwound 5%.

What do you guys think of this build, with the alder, rosewood/maple neck and the underwound style pickups? Would they complement each other?

Alder OR Swamp Ash Body - Fiesta Red or Transparent Purple
AAA Birdseye Maple Neck
Pickups - I want something different to #1 and something that will have a very distinct contrast to #1. I thought something hot or overwound? I don't want still want that strat tone so i thought maybe either Lindy Fralin Blues Specials (not sure if stock or overwound 5%) or the Lindy Fralin Steel Pole (42) which is described to give that beefy, fat strat tone.

How do you think the components of this guitar will go together? I juggled the idea of swamp ash as the grain of the wood would look better through the transparent purple finish. How would say alder/swamp ash work with the maple neck. Would hot/overwound pickups be too OTT for a maple neck?

I know this is a lot but i really want this for my summer holidays (it's summer here in australia). Any info would be great! I really can't wait to get these babies done.

My experience is:  alder with maple/brazillion neck is a great tone combination.  Swamp with a single piece maple neck is my personal favorite.  You can mix them but I think the above combinations get along with each other the best sonically and produce the best sounding guitar acoustically.  Most of us agree the single most important tone generator (besides you!!!!!!!!!!!); will be the neck you choose.  Get as fat a piece of wood  as your hand will play comfortably.  Callaham hardware is my favorite and for pick-ups choose what you love.    

Now the hard part string gauge, set up and my favorite part the AMP.  Oh sorry, forgot the stomp boxes.
If you want two distinctly different sounding strats why stay so traditional? Ash and alder have been staple fare for Fender bodies for ages and maple necks with either rosewood or maple boards are the same story. I'm not trying to influence you just pointing out possibilities.
Two possible pickup scenarios for your strats:- Rio Grande tallboys, very nice with alder/maple/rosewood.  Seymour Duncan 1/4 pounders for the swamp ash/maple/maple. I reckon you would end up with two "different" sounding strats, but as Tonar says choose what you love.