Help me find a neck for a Jeff Beck Strat


Love the axe, hate the neck....I need something close to a Robin Medley neck....Is there such a neck that will fit this guitar...I don't know the dimensions of the Medley neck...
any advice or tip or help is welcome...
Looks like a reversed Jackson neck, you can order one from Warmoth with an add for the 24 fret scale, but need to get the dimensions for nut and back contour from Robin to match.

Anybody got a Robin to measure?

You could just sell the Jeff Beck Strat and build a guitar like the Robin Medley yourself....
I'm confused, are you looking for a neck with a reverse Jackson headstock like on the Robin Medley, or do you just want a better replacement neck with a Fender headstock?

While there is an option for a 24 fret neck like the Medley, you can't use that on the Jeff Beck or any std routed Strat as the extra frets will overlap the neck pickup routing.

As it seems you have access to a Robin Medley guitar, check the measurements/other info on this page:

as to neck thickness/shape as compared to it to order appropriately.

Any neck you order from Warmoth should fit the Jeff Beck strat, EXCEPT a 24 fret neck.
I've been looking at the Warmouth necks....maybe a Superwide, standard thin?...kinda looks close to a Charvel type neck, which is close to the Medley.....????
I don't back up my guarantee with anything, so it's easy to do.    I guarantee, if you pick out ANY warmoth neck that looks good to you, you will like it.
mlamarche said:
Thinner, flatter and wider...the J Beck neck is built like a baseball bat.
So, look at the link who Jack The Hack have posted, the back contours from Warmoth.
I think you'll like the Standard or Wizard back contours.
About the wider: dunno, but I think is in the nut the difference, but I have never played in this Robin (I don't think that this guitar is sold in my country)... If you think the Superwider will satisfy will, do it...

To ME the Standard measures look like "TOO thinner", but I like necks with ± 24mm or 25mm thick, It's almost 1"...
I think you will like the Standard...
Warmoth Pro, 10/16 radius, Wizard profile, 1 3/4 inch nut is as thin/wide as you can order; now you just have to make up your mind as to headstock and frets....