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Hello all! I am another newbie to the Warmoth scene.  I have ordered the body for my first official build, with other parts to follow (I am not a wealthy man!)  I am however very obsessive and that is why I decided to do this thing in the first place.  I simply can't get everything I am looking for in a strat, and I am fairly adept at putting things together, so why not right?  I am thrilled to have discovered this community, you guys are a veritable wealth of information, and I have had a lot of questions answered already just reading through the stuff that is already here.  That said, I'm going to ask my first, but probably not last question.  I have been researching pick-ups, and while I know what I like (all hail lord Seymour) I don't know if what I have come up with is feasible, practical, useful, and whatever else.  So here it is, and any comments are welcome.  The body I am getting is routed for a humbucker in the bridge and I am quite fond of the Pearly Gates.  For the single coil sized neck position I was thinking the little 59.  In the middle a duckbucker.  I know this is far from your "classic strat" sound, but like I said, I don't necesarily want your standard strat.  My main question is if this is a feasible set-up when it comes to wiring the thing.  I have experience with wiring, but it all has to do with air conditioners and furnaces.  I think with diagrams I can do this, but if I feel I'm getting in over my head I have a great guitar repair, set-up and all around great guy very close by, but he tends to make fun of me if I come to him with my half baked ideas!  Anyway, thanks in advance and look forward to more Duh!!?? questions from this guy!!
Are you looking to coil tap any of the three pickups mentioned, or just wire them all in stock humbucker fashion?
guitlouie said:
(all hail lord Seymour)

Pearly Gates bridge
neck position the little 59
middle a duckbucker

far from your "classic strat"

is a feasible set-up when it comes to wiring the thing.  I have experience with wiring, but it all has to do with air conditioners and furnaces.

Not very much different than wiring two Honeywells on a servo flue system, remember, as in bomb defusing, always cut the red wire <snip>..... after making sure the blue and orange wires are tied together <tick tick tick tick>

Having said all that,  His Lordship, Herr Duncan, having consumed... well, whatever it was that he consumed... is now justly renamed "His Lardship"

Wiring the pickups will be straight forward, except possibly for the slight addition of having to tie the windings together on 4-wire pickups.  In that case, its just a matter of twisting (and soldering) the wires together, and leaving them (insulated) in the cavity.  On a 4-wire pickup, you'll then have two signal wires, a ground, and two wires tied together.  You'll have to determine which is in phase, but if you get that wrong, just reverse the wires. has many many diagrams.

And, welcome!~
Oh, yeah, I was going to mention that and forgot.  I will be leaving them as humbuckers.  Too many options make my brain hurt!
They'll wire just like single coils then, with the addition of having to tie the taps together.  Really no biggie.  And... you can always tap the Pearly Gates later (or even do a partial tap to keep it a bit beefier).
Volume - Tone - Tone pots like a normal strat pot setup, or something different? Rear route or top? If rear route, what control holes is you order?
Yeah, thus far I had been thinking Volume, tone, tone Five way switch like a "normal" strat.  The body is a swamp ash/flame maple top route.  But like I said, that is all that I have ordered thus far, so things could change....
You might consider making that one tone pot for the "middle and neck" and another for the bridge.  The PG, with some tone control... a bit of that woman tone
And as it's really more of Les Paul type wiring job; you might want to consider a 500K volume pot and 250K tones with a .022 cap; OR single 500K volume and tone pot with .047 cap and stick a switch in the 2nd tone pot hole just to tap the PG to single coil....
wow.  You guys have given me a lot to think about (read that as obsess over).  I sincerely appreciate the advice.  I want to do this right.  About the coil tapping, I sort of understand what it does, but is it more difficult to do this right than the standard job? I have been checking out the wiring diagrams at the site CB mentioned...I'm learnding.  as far as the pots that Jackthehack spoke of, that is exactly what I had been considering, so it looks like my gut feelings are on the right track! Anyway, I have always believed in trial and error and learning from ones mistakes, just as long as it doesn't cost me too much money!  Thanks again for past and future advice and commentary.  My wife is already asking if my other woman (my gibson) is going to get jealous once this new girl is on the scene!
Here's a SD diagram with 1 Volume/2 Tones with a push/pull switch on the volume to tap the PG to single coil; I'd change out the push/pull volume pot for a 500K value in light of the all 'bucker pickup design; as the other two mini-buckers are being treated as "straight", on each one run the black lead as shown, tape red/white together and do attach to anything and ground the green and silver shielding braid:

I was at the seymour duncan website just a little while ago, pondering which scheme would give me the most insight, and then bam! you sent it right along.  I printed it out so I could doodle on it.  I like where this is going.  This was the only part of building my own guitar that I was apprehensive about, but it looks like i'll have no problem after all!  Thanks again.