Hay everyone.
Just joined the boards and wanted to say hello and ask the vets here for some advice. I got turned onto the Warmoth website from another site. I have always been interested in building my own strat but I am a complete rookie when it comes to guitar tech.  It's so inspiring seeing what everyone is doing, but it's a bit intimidating with everything that goes into it.

I was curious if yall have some basic advice/direction for someone who wants to give this a try? I have been trying to read up and get as educated as I can (what others are building) but I still think I would end up ordering wrong parts or my guitar would just sound like crap after it's all said and done :sad:

Anyways, nice to be lurking around
Thanks and happy holidays

Welcome aboard!  Really, it just seems intimidating, but most of it is quite simple. The only thing I have to sub out is the electronics, and a friend does that for free. I feel more comfortable with an expert doing the electrical work. The rest of the process is a piece of cake, and should be easy for even a novice. With Warmoth, all holes are predrilled precisely, and other then the electrical stuff, assembly is a snap. As far as the finish, I really enjoy doing the finish work myself. The good thing about applying a finish is that if you mess up, it is easily stripped to try again. Really no reason to mess up on a finish though. Experiement with sample pieces if you have no previous wood finishing skills. One thing for sure, like Lay's potato chips, you can't do just one! Once the first one is behind you, you'll be hooked and probably never buy another premade guitar again. I know I won't.
Bill in SC
Thanks for the response, and is the exact nudge I was looking for :laughing7: Awesome to read your experiences and gets me even more stoked to give this a try.  I hope everyone doesn't mind someone asking "dumb" questions because as I go through this process I am sure I will have them :icon_scratch:
Thanks again,
No question is dumb if you don't know the answer. There's a heap of well qualified individuals here to
"coach" you along... Helping people is what this forum is about.
Bill in SC
I do intend on doing my pickup exchange as it will be wired just like my last one, so I will have a pattern to go by.  :) I solder very well so I don't anticipate any problems.
BB in SC