Hello all


Hi all,

I just found this board. Great place. I did my first Warmoth build about 2 months ago. A Tele with the Gotoh fixed bridge, Planet Waves Auto-trim tuners, Fender SNC noiseless pickups. Quilted maple top and the best figured birdseye maple neck I've ever seen. I've compared it to several Fender teles - Custom, American Standard, etc.. - and there is no comparision. My guitar plays better and sounds better than any of them. I picked this body and neck from the Showcase. Green Burst to match my Boogie Lonestar. I can't wait to do the next build.
Oh God!!!! That neck is INSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANE!!!!  :evil4:

"Give it to me, I must have it...."

Congrats! Great build!
Hi guys,

Thanks for the kind words. And, the thing is that the picture doesn't even begin to do justice to how great that neck looks. When I saw it in the Showcase pix I thought it was cool, but when I pulled it out the box I was just floored. I have a Wolfgang with a birdseye maple neck and it doesn't begin to compare. Warmoth's wood is just spectacular. And I have to say, I just love the Planet Wave Auto-trim tuners. Very precise and the "trim" feature is great. Just stick in the string, lock it down and start winding. It cuts that sucker right off... 

I just got the Boogie (after waiting 4 months for the custom shop to finish it) in Jan. I love it. It's great for country, blues, jazz and "classic" rock. But, it's not a Dual Recto, so for the heavier stuff I still use my JSX with a Marshal 1960AV Vintage 4 x 12.

- Larry