Headstock picture request


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Can anyone post photos of the VIP and Variax headstocks, preferably from the same angle.distance for comparison?

I looked for Variax necks in the showcase, but haven't seen any in a while.

I'm thinking about a VIP build, but for me, the tuners are too close to the end of the headstock on a VIP neck. The Variax just seems a little more like what I would want.

Thanks in advance!

the major difference between those is that the variax headstock is a bit smaller, and the tuners are in a horizontal line instead of the bass side being a bit higher than the treble side. I prefer the variax-look. its a bit more stylish, imho.
I assume you mean the Warmoth headstock when you say VIP?

This is as close as I can manage, the maple is a Warmoth and the bubinga is a Variax. Just to add a bit of confusion, they're both lefties :laughing7: :laughing7:


How come WillyK gets the cool Reverse Sharkfin inlays?  :icon_thumright:

Even reversed, the Variax just looks more right.  :icon_scratch:

You can see what I mean about the wood past the D and G tuners. And I like the symmetrical tuner spacing too.

THANK YOU for the pictures!

You're welcome :icon_thumright:

BTW the inlays aren't reversed, just the headstock!
"BTW the inlays aren't reversed, just the headstock!"

Ha ha very funny...

I've just always preferred the reverse shark inlay and wished it was an option. For you, it's the only option!