headstock issues


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so. still awaiting my hollow black korina tele. i know that i want a wenge/ebony neck. but not sure of headstock. at the moment i am tossing up between my original idea of a jackson, or a warmoth. either way, i dont want a tele/strat headstock, as i dont want it to look to fenderish. if anyone has a pic of a tele with a warmoth headstock on it, that would be much appreciated if you share it with me  :)

thanks lads
hummm Jackson... I think the Warmoth headstock works with LP, L5S, VIP... but not with strats, teles.....
Never really thought about doing it; but it doesn't look that weird; you're in luck as I have too many projects ongoing simultaneously and can match a Warmoth neck/Tele body:

The Hamer Talledega has a fenderish looking body with a gibsony headstock.  It looks OK to me.  Just go to the Hamer guitars website for pics.
hey that actually looks pretty cool. i had an epiphany the other day when i was looking at some soloists/superstrats, and decided i didnt like the 6in line headstocks, they make them look a little.. "thin". can't really explain what i mean. i guess, i want it to look a little more solid. a bit more LPish. i was originally aiming for "bad-ass pointy", but i don't want it to look like a "shredder" guitar, and i feel that that may be exactly what a jackson would do. now im aiming for a PRS-ish kinda look, that warmoth heady kinda hits it i think. now i definitely have something to ponder over... any other opinions?