Headless Design


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With headless guitars being more popular than ever, I'd love to see Warmoth's take on a simple double cutaway, 22 fret design. Most headless guitars are 24 frets, which kills the neck pickup sound to me. Companies offering headless instruments these days don't quite do it for me...I still use my Steinberger instead of buying a Strandberg or Kiesel.


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if the Big W added sum modern headless styles they could def corner the market on diy-inclined  Post-Rock guitarists lol. we all kno AAron could score a a brand deal with Plini

theyd have to start selling the hardware tho which isn't cheap


Hardware hardware hardware.

They're Hip$hot for like $500 just  for a bridge and headpiece, and there's the Overlord crap factory shipping boatloads of parts that nobody is actually sure if they actually work for their intended purpose it seems. (I bought some Chinese ATV parts like that - people sell them, but the parts they sell to go together don't)


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+1 been looking for a strat style headless with 22 frets and floating bridge, but there is none. The closest is the Kiesel Delos headless but it's 24 frets and I am not convinced by its looks. I really like the Ibanez Q54 but it's 24 frets again and has a fixed bridge.

At this point, I could deal with the 24 frets, but I really like the term so, I am waiting to see if Ibanez updated the Quest series for 2023.

Has anyone here built a headless using warmoth parts? (Cutting some wood i guess)


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@sfehlandt I am not aware of any headless builds posted on this forum, but there is a user called "Sirloin" over at TGP who has made a couple of headless guitars with decapitated Warmoth necks. If you head to TGP and search for headless and his username, he has a couple of threads posted over there.