Has Warmoth ever considered making a Fender Lead body?


Hi guys, new guy here  :blob7:

I've always loved the Fender Lead series of guitars. I'd love to be able to buy a repro body from Warmoth to make a tricked out custom version without having to alter an origianl.

Make it and they will come  :glasses9:
Well, this is what they look like. This is a Lead II

They came in three varieties. The Lead I had a single humbucker at the bridge. Lead II has two single coils. Lead III had two humbuckers. One toggle was for various coil split/series-parallel/phase options depending on the pickup configuration used, the other is the pickup selector. Body wood was either alder or ash and necks were either rosewood or maple fretboards. I just think these are cool, cool guitars!

Some info links ...



i like it, espetialy the par/ser/phase switch.

send them that, and have them make you a custom.  or make a blueprint of it and send that.

i think its about $300 for a custom body, but hey might be worth it if you want it enough.
$300? That seems pretty cheap for a custom one-off body. I just think it's be a good seller if it were made part of the std production offerings.
None of the aftermarket body / neck parts makers offer a Lead series body.  The Lead series body is a very cool Strat-like body with a touch of SG symmetry added. to the shape. 

One of my favorite-playing-guitars-that-got-away - as opposed to guitars-that-I-want-back-because-I'd-be-rich-as-Croesus - was a Fender Lead I body with the neck off of an Ibanez Roadstar. It was light, comfortable, sounded GREAT, sustainy, all that. The Roadstar had had a worthless whammy system but a great neck and I got the Lead I for $100 at Hennig's Music in Austin because it had a purple sparkle finish that had checked and peeled - Fender had a few BAD years back then, Yo. I sanded off the finish by hand (when I was young....) and made it furniture-brown with some hardware store stuff - great guitar. I probably pawned it for beer or traded it for a carburetor or some damn thing (when I was young....) :sad1: