has anyone seen


has anyone seen an unpainted, rear routed, hollow strat, routed for a recessed tune-o-matic bridge with string throughs?
they offer all these options individually, but not on a single body.
has anyone seen an "f"-holed strat?
do tele necks fit in strat bodies.

good question, I've been wanting to ask the same question. I wanna make a hardtail, string through, rear routed strat or tele.

I've seen f/hole Strats from time to time in the Showcase.

I made an all maple Tele (hard maple) with a string thru hardtail bridge.  Close yer eyes and it sounded more like a LP than an LP does.... if you can imagine that.

Keep in mind, you "probably" want the narrow spaced Strat hardtail bridge, it really is a better fit on the necks.  The OEM strat spacing is pretty wide, and the strings are too close to the neck edge for my own likes....
I've seen EVERYTHING!!  :icon_biggrin:

But since the recessed Tune-O-Matic is so new, I've yet to see this exact combination yet, but it can be done.