Has anyone ever tried this product?



This stuff has pretty much converted me to polyurethane for my own guitar finishes.

They have a private label program, so I'm able purchase it locally from an unfinished furniture store.  Their sales pitch is a wipe-on poly that doesn't look wiped on.  It has additives that force air bubbles to pop on their own, leveling agents, and drying agents so it dries to the touch in about half an hour, making dust particles less of an issue.

I'm not a chemist, but I can say it does work better than any other wiping poly I've tried, so it appears to be more than just thinned poly.

Since I don't own spraying equipment, I have used the Preval sprayers with it.  I don't thin it at all (I do strain it), and I've gotten great results.  I dry-sand after every third coat, and it powers off like a sanding sealer.  After 20 or so coats, it cures hard enough to wet sand in 3 -4 days.

I think it's great for someone who needs an easy, good looking finish to apply to an instrument.  Their semi-gloss rubs out a very lacquer-looking finish.  I've had people not believe me when I told them it was poly.  Their gloss finish has that plastic-y look to it, kind of like the polyester finish on a PRS.  Too modern looking for me.

It takes tints very well to make shaders, but I've not been successful using pigments to make solid colors.  I still prefer lacquer for that.

Oh yes, dewaxed shellac works great underneath it.

I'm not thrilled with their stain, however.  The color doesn't penetrate much, so it's not good for grain enhancement.  I suppose it would work in situations where the grain is secondary to the color.  I have used pigments in their clear sealer to make stain, so that's an option.