Hardtail insanity

Buster Jones

After a few guitars made from ebay junk and guitar show seconds, I finally sprung for some Warmoth stuff.  Not quite ready to go, probably crank it up tomorrow.  4.1 pound swamp hardtail body, conversion scale maple neck, aluminum pickguard I cut myself, Barden two/tone in the neck, old Gibson L6-S pickup in the bridge.  Callaham hardtail bridge. 


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Yes, the spacing is a bit much............
Played it last night, very responsive, neck like butter.  I will have to shim the neck a bit to get 'perfect' action.  My first experience with a strat with a 22 fret neck, contoured heel and Warmoth radius........Fantastic.  I got the finish off of the frets with careful taping of the fret board and medium 'bronze wool'.  Worked great.  :icon_tongue:
The bridge pickup might have been in an L6s, but its not an L6s pickup.  L6s pickups are solidly potted, covers non-removable, and have strange magnet structures (four magnets).  They're also hot and bright.
Thanks for the post.  I got the pickup years ago with a trashed L6-S which was my first project.  I thought that is was original because there are no screws, just slugs on both bobbins.  There was plenty of scum on the tops that I removed with scraping and extremely fine sandpaper. 
Pickguard thickness, .060.  I got it at my local metals and scrap yard.  About 18" square piece for $7.  I am thinking about a solid copper pickguard.  There are copper sheets on ebay.  :icon_tongue: