H-S-S wiring (no strat)


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I want to wire my new Warmoth Guitar with a h-s-s configuration, but not like a stock strat.
what I want to have is: 1 master volume, 1 tone for neck and middle and 1 tone for the humbucker.
All the wiring diagrams that I`m finding on the internet are for stock strats (no tone knob for humbucker but an independent one for each of the single coils).
Can anyone help?




I believe that is how it would be done.
thanks moldymealworm.

now, if I wanted to have a 500k volume pot (master), 250k tone for both single coils and 500k tone for the bridge humbucker, how should I wire the tone pots so that each one will have its own independent cap?

(0.22 for 250k and 0.47 for 500k)

the way it`s wired now, the 2 tone pots share the same cap...


4 pots?  Wierd on strat, normal on an LP, but 3 tonepots?  You'd have to start over with a new diagram, but think of it like this, with 3 pickups and 3 tonepots, each one is dedicated so keep it simple.  They'd go between the pickup and the switch and the master volume would go between the output of the switch and the jack.  But, be forewarned, one of the builders on here said that the reason Fender did away with two tone pots on the J-Bass was because of unintentional bleed over of the cap from the tonepot not being using.  With three caps, highs will be bled off even when the cap doing the bleeding isn't selected.

it`s 2 tone pots (500k for the bridge humbucker and 1 250k for the 2 single coils together) and 1 master volume pot (500k).


1 tone for the neck + middle
1 tone for the bridge humbucker
1 master volume.

the problem that I have is how to wire the 2 tones to be independent from each other.
In a "normal " strat the tone pots (1 for neck and 1 for middle) share the same cap e pot while the bridge single coil has no tone pot.
What I want to do is to have both neck and middle wired to the same tone pot and the bridge to the 2nd tone.
how do I wire the 2 tone pots to have each its own cap?
(the bridge humbucker will be a 500k + 0.47 cap, neck+middle will be 250k + 0.22 cap)

I came across something similar to that diagram (thanks anyway) : http://www.premierguitar.com/Magazine/Issue/2009/Jun/Stratocaster_Tone_Split_Mod.aspx (i did example 2).
The only things that I changed were an on/on/on switch for the humbucker to make it serial/split/parallel, a 500k resistor for the neck and middle so that when any of the is selected (or both) it sees the volume pot as 250k and not 500k and a volume bleed with a cap and a resistor.
The switch and the mini switch work ok but the problems that I`m having are:
1 - the volume doesn`t work, it basically doesn`t seem to be doing anything, I can turn it all the way off and the volume stays the same (to 10)
2 - on every pickup combination, the neck-middle tone works like a master tone and the bridge tone like a slave tone, I mean, both tones affect the sound but the bridge tone only affects it if the neck-middle tone is open, if I put the neck-middle tone to 0 the bridge tone doesn`t affect it.

this is very weird, have I come up with a signature setting?
Really, I can`t undestand what wrong.