Guitar to play Beatles!

Nando Vallart

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Hello masters!
I'm going to play in a band with my family next year (w/ my grandmother, cousin and brother)... We'll play some songs from Beatles!
I'm looking for the tonallity in the Paul McCartney Live at Red Square DVD, the guys played LP and 335 in Divided by 13 amps... I was thinking in a hollow L5S, but I'm always afraid of don't have punch in hollow bodies guitars...
I'm in doubt to about P90 and humbuckers  :sad1:

Anything have something to say?
I have a non-Warmoth LPS semi-hollow body (swamp ash/quilt maple, f-holes) with a Warmoth maple neck which is the loudest guitar I've ever owned in 30+ years of playing. Plenty of punch, and brightness to spare. So much brightness that I'm changing out the neck for mahogany.
Mine has humbuckers, but the same guy is making another LPS body for me with P90s. This one will be chambered mahogany with zebrano, no f-holes.
NonsenseTele said:
I forgot...
Black korina or maple body?
For the neck I'm thinking in rosewood with ebony board...

Aren't maple and black korina not alike at all tonality wise?
WarmothRules said:
Aren't maple and black korina not alike at all tonality wise?

Yes! They're very different... But for Black Korina my fear is to get to "bassy" without any bright... and for Maple to get TO MUCH bright  :laughing7:
GearBoxTy said:
Wasn't Johnny Marr the guitarist on that record?
Was Rusty Anderson and Brian Ray playing the gettars (brian played bass to)

EDIT: Any thought about the woods???? pickups are going to be P90 under humbucker cover
Order done!
Black Korina hollow body with birdseye maple top, 2 f-hole
recessed tune-o-matic with angled string-thru-body