Guitar cutting/routing for user-supplied wood?


I have a 45-year-old Ash tree that had to come down due to Emerald Ash Borers. I would LOVE to make a guitar body from it for sentimental reasons, preferably in a Duo-Sonic shape.

Does anyone know of a place where I could send a body blank of my own wood for them to then cut and route? I'm not really seeing anything online.
One of members here did that with a tulip tree aka poplar. Keep the blanks and join a wood working club.
I think the wood will have to cure for some time or be kiln dried for use as a guitar body. Don't know of anyone shaping the body and routing it for you, but there are templates galore and the only critical routs are neck pocket and bridge placement. Good luck with the project.
I have some slabs of my poplar tree drying. It's been a little over a year. A woodturner friend tells me the rule of thumb is one year for every inch of thickness for natural air drying. I believe it, since some of the slabs have warped more than I expected.